The Foundation

Gospel and urban drumming has been a hot topic and trend over the last few years. Many musicians see drummers like Eric Moore, Aaron Spears, Thomas Pridgen, etc., and wonder where the edge and feel in their playing comes from. YouTube is flooded with videos of very young drummers who have astounding speed, flawless time, and amazing feel. The one thing all of these drummers have in common is their foundation. They all don’t play the same genre of music but they all have a strong foundation in gospel and urban music.

The Mystery That Hasn’t Been solved…. Until Now

The combinations and technique that many gospel/urban drummers use have been nothing short of a mystery for most drummers who didn’t grow up playing the style. The complex linear patterns, triplet drum fills, the “slumped” grooves, etc., has been a challenge for some of the best online instructors. Not even the major online drum lesson sites have been able to tackle this style and “attitude” of drumming in a comprehensive way. There’s a wide variety of gospel/urban drummers who were not traditionally taught. As a result, when they teach their methods, they don’t explain them in a traditional way that outsiders can understand. This is not intentional. They learned differently so they explain it differently. The good news for you is that we (Damani and STIXX) grew up in the gospel/urban culture and have an understanding of what it takes to play and apply the concepts to any genre we want. We also know how to explain it in a way that anyone can understand. We make the hard stuff easy… or easier : )

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