Drum Coaches Membership


  • The Shed Camp is a 30 day online course that increases your speed, endurance, control and confidence around the entire drum kit.

  • Whether you’re a beginner on the drums or a seasoned veteran, this camp is designed to take you to your next level.

(The video below will give you a quick idea of how we run the camps!)

‘Special Teams’ & Starter Squad’

  • Urban/Gospel style drumming is one of the most sensationalized styles of playing. Many people recognize it as “gospel chops”.

  • It’s not just what you play, it’s about how you play it. You have to bring that “swag” and “feel” to what you play, and that is what we teach inside our membership area.

(The video below is a free sample of what you will get if you sign up for ‘The Special Teams’ or ‘The Starter Squad’!)

 30 Day Shed Camp

(Downloadable Version)

The Shed Camp

$75You will have access to all videos inside the camp FOREVER, once you download them to your computer
  • Access to all camp videos
  • Access to all 5 shed videos
  • Access to 3 “Over Training” work outs made to accelerate your speed and endurance even more than the regular camp videos

Special Teams

(ONE-TIME Payment Only)

Special Teams

$50For a One-Time payment only
  • Access To 35  Drum Lessons From The ‘Starter Squad’ Side

 Starter Squad

(Lifetime Membership)

Starter Squad

$300Lifetime Membership.
  • Lifetime Membership Means FOREVER!!! (One-Time Payment Only)
  • 24 Hour Online Access To The Entire Video Library (Over 200 Lessons)
  • Brand New Lesson Every Sunday
  • Access To Our Private Facebook Group
  • A Chance To Turn Up With STIXX All Year Long (IT’S NEW YEARS BABY TURN UP!!!)

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